Church of the Savior: Washington D.C.

Several years ago my wife Donna and I took a trip to Washington D.C. to visit Church of the Savior, founded by the late Gordon Cosby in 1947 which has become an ecumenical church. We hung out with them for three days learning what they thought a missional church was like. They have hundreds of stories of average folks who have been released to do remarkable things. The one that I tell over and over again is the story of Killian Noe and David Erickson. In 1985, Killian and David, who did not know each other, were attending the morning service of Church of the Savior. On that particular Sunday, Gordon was sharing a story about how many homeless people there were in the D.C. area. By the Spirit, Killian and David imagined what it would be like to serve all those folks that Gordon was talking about. Each of them separately responded to Gordon after the service, wanting to know how they could get involved with the church’s ministry to the poor in D.C. They were each informed that Church of the Savior did not have a ministry to the poor in D.C. Though there was no “poor ministry,” Gordon introduced Killian and David to each other and suggested to them that they get together and talk about how a ministry to the poor would look. Ministering to the poor was certainly within the Story of God. So they met and together, led by the Spirit with a sense of passion and call, were sent out by Church of the Savior to the homeless, and Samaritan Inns was born. These are two ordinary folks who were called and sent by God to live in his Story in their own neighborhood. The Samaritan Inns ministries continue to provide healing and hope to homeless and addicted men and women. Gordon Cosby passed on March 20, 2013 at the age of 95. Killian Koe now lives in Seattle, WA and has founded along with Randall Mullins created New Creation Community in Seattle, WA, which is now Recovery Café. David Erickson is now with ECHO, Inc. ECHO is Educational Concerns For Hunger Organization located in Fort Myers. FL.